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As you may or may not know, parliamentary elections are coming to Ukraine in few days. Streets of our towns are full of agitation, and so are trash bins.
The region of Kiev where my university is located, in particular, has half of the billboards featuring the same candidate:…
Look at this pretty honest face. Just look at it. Would you trust this man anything? Yet he is deputy in Ukrainian parliament for no less than eleven years, changing parties like condoms (this time he belongs to our "dearest" president's group).  
Yesterday we, students of the university who pay money for education, had our classes canceled to participate in conference this man held.
Sure thing, we were warned that those who go home or elsewhere instead of conference are going to be penalized. Sure thing, he was late for no less than forty minutes, as we, plebs, can wait for such a patrician.
I don't think I should retell you the content of the conference. It was as trivial as you would expect from power-hungry scumbag of middle tier. He DID answer all of the questions he was asked, but for most part his verbiage meant one of the following:  
A) "Sure, we will solve your problem once I am elected"
B) "Our country is in war and so far we don't have spare resources to help you, have patience"
C) "To hell with your question, instead, let's listen to stories of my great deeds and feats before, during and after Maidan!"
As it turns out, he is also moron. See, he accepted our university's ex-provost in his team and took him to this conference. Ex-provost, former member of former ruling party (one that was overthrown as a result of Maidan) is single most hated person in the university. Only complete dumbass would show him as part of his team in NAU. 

Today I found out that one of our principals, one who actually teaches us new things (which proven to be rare thing on third course) and who is also a candidate, filed a lawsuit against that scumbag moron for taking students away from educational process to agitate them. Holy grinder, I freaking respect my principal. 


Dr. Tagabat
Artist | Student | Varied
What can I say about myself? Not that much:

- I am native Ukrainian.
- I am war-obsessed, and no one will ever change this!
- I know the other side of war: fear, genocide, famine, thousands of destinies ruined... I guess THIS makes war the greatest and the most terrifying thing in the world.
- I like long overcoats, gas masks, heavy firearms and armor, superheavy tanks, all-smiting artillery and so on.
- My grandfather was in the rank of lieutenant colonel at the end of Great Patriotic War, while my father is veteran of Afgani War.
- I am proud of my Motherland, while I hate government for obvious reasons.
- I am huge fan of Warhammer 40000, The Red Star graphic novel, HTF (that cute and sweet cartoon), Command & Conquer series (before Electronic Arts LA turned it into SHIT) and many more.
- I am NOT furry, even though I work in anthro style.
- I am highly intolerant towards all kind of perversion. I believe that perverts are mentally sick, but can be cured. Forcibly, if needed.
- I deem so-called "slash" as damnation of each fandom. Death to the fagfiction!
- I am atheist, so I hate all kind of demagogues and religious fanatics. However, I respect some of the last... fictional ones. Religious fanatic is perfect villain, you know.
- I support death penalty for murderers and rapists.
- I support left-wing totalitarian rule (socialism). Red Power!
- I work on lots of yet-unfinished projects. I hope I can overwhelm my laziness and finish them.

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Triatel-x Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
btw are you russian?
I noticed you were typing in some comments in russian while checking your gallery. 
Tr01ka Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Not exactly; I am Ukrainian. Used to call myself Russian in front of foreigners until the recent events. 
Triatel-x Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i see you are rear kind off artist in good sence.
Because artists like you i don't see much on deviantart.
Most are just sugar coat that, sugar coat this... f*ck that i whant to see some decent stuff and artists.

Tr01ka Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Rear? I hope you mean rare... 
And I am not rare kind of artist. My skill is pretty average and doesn't seem to develop. 
What exactly do you mean by "sugar coat"? 
Triatel-x Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yea i meant rare,my bad
average? weal its just your opinion.But i think it is something much more then ''average"by deviantart standarts.
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