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Right now I am drawing political caricature depicting that new Crimean prosecutor so many idiots fap to. Thing is, caricature is going to be fairly dirty, and something tells me that it falls into category of forbidden content, you know, pr0n so shameless that not even mature C?NTent filter can justify its existence on stronghold of purity DA pretends to be. 
The question is: can I post caricature and get away with it, if DA allows political satire to be harsh, or it does not and therefore I should share it elsewhere? 


Dr. Tagabat
Artist | Student | Varied
What can I say about myself? Not that much:

- I am native Ukrainian.
- I am war-obsessed, and no one will ever change this!
- I know the other side of war: fear, genocide, famine, thousands of destinies ruined... I guess THIS makes war the greatest and the most terrifying thing in the world.
- I like long overcoats, gas masks, heavy firearms and armor, superheavy tanks, all-smiting artillery and so on.
- My grandfather was in the rank of lieutenant colonel at the end of Great Patriotic War, while my father is veteran of Afgani War.
- I am proud of my Motherland, while I hate government for obvious reasons.
- I am huge fan of Warhammer 40000, The Red Star graphic novel, HTF (that cute and sweet cartoon), Command & Conquer series (before Electronic Arts LA turned it into SHIT) and many more.
- I am NOT furry, even though I work in anthro style.
- I am highly intolerant towards all kind of perversion. I believe that perverts are mentally sick, but can be cured. Forcibly, if needed.
- I deem so-called "slash" as damnation of each fandom. Death to the fagfiction!
- I am atheist, so I hate all kind of demagogues and religious fanatics. However, I respect some of the last... fictional ones. Religious fanatic is perfect villain, you know.
- I support death penalty for murderers and rapists.
- I support left-wing totalitarian rule (socialism). Red Power!
- I work on lots of yet-unfinished projects. I hope I can overwhelm my laziness and finish them.

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GraphiteSTALKER 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! :)

Found an interesting band on YouTube: they go by the name "T-80" and claim to be of a "Soviet Post - Nuklear Industrial" genre (although it did sound pretty much like electronic mixed with industrial). I don't know whether you've heard them and whether you like them if you have, but I managed to find these two songs on YouTube:…… - sounds a bit like something from Red Alert: Retaliation. :confused:
Tr01ka 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Speaking of "Soviet-styled" industrial music, I recall this track, called 'Neurosoviet Union (up)rising':…
But, you know, Finnish people are naturally good at music. Like all nations of Scandinavian region. 
GraphiteSTALKER 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed. Sabaton, Raubtier, Nightwish, Korpiklaani, Burzum (I'm not too sure about Lordi, though), to name a few. And thanks for the song as well, I liked it. :thumbsup:

After a small rummaging through Google, I found out that T-80 is actually Belgian - their somewhat humble site is here, if interested:
GraphiteSTALKER Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know if you're already aware of this, but it seems like Russian weapon industries are kicking ass yet again:… :)
Tr01ka Apr 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Knew it at least for couple of years already.
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